MONEYBALTIMORE is a regional conference offering two tracks designed to help minority and small startup companies understand the steps for growing and funding their new businesses.  The next full conference will be held May 5th 2018.

  • Track 1 attendees will receive information, resources and guidance on properly planning, registering and protecting their businesses.
  • Track 2 attendees will receive guidance on loan and funding requirements and learn how to create business models that are scalable and attractive to lenders and investors.
  • (NEW for 2018) Track 3 attendees will receive guidance on how to use marketing tools and how to apply sales techniques that convert prospects into paying customers and requests for proposals into government contracts.

Before the 2018 Conference...
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Attendee Track 1: Get Started!

Do you want to learn what's needed to create a sustainable business?  We'll discuss the basic steps needed to plan, start, grow and properly register your business.  Plus, we'll cover resources that are available to you as a new entrepreneur.

Track 1 (Free Admission):

  • Networking Breakfast
  • Workshop: Planning, Registering & Protecting Your Business
  • Workshop: Marketing and Sales Essentials To Grow Faster
  • Workshop: Resources, Grants & Loans for New Businesses
  • Workshop: 30 Steps for Startups
  • Networking Mixer

Attendee TRACK 2: Get Funded!

Do you want to learn how to build a business model that is attractive to lenders, investors and perhaps, buyers?  We'll discuss the requirements when applying for a commercial loan and the criteria used by investors to assess your business idea.

Track 2 (Day Pass is $19):

  • Networking Breakfast
  • Workshop: Criteria for Getting Funded by Investors & Lenders
  • Workshop: Building Businesses To Grow or Sell Quickly
  • Workshop: Finding Investors & Pitching to Them
  • Pitch Competition- Pitch Our Lenders & Investors!
  • Networking Mixer

Speakers and Sponsors

Our attendees are professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners from the Baltimore Metropolitan, Washington, DC, Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia areas.  Our attendees are looking for information, resources, products and services to help them grow and fund their businesses. Their needs include funding, equipment, legal services, accounting services, tax services, banking, consulting, and various resources depending on their type of business.

We invite speakers who have an expertise in growing and or supporting new businesses, non-profits, and established enterprises.

If this sounds like a population you would like to introduce your products and services to, we invite you to become a speaker or sponsor.  The next sponsorship opportunity is the Baltimore Business Bootcamp.  Learn more...