Christina Mayo


The 2017 MoneyBaltimore Committee interviewed Christina Mayo and asked her a few questions.  Check out her responses below.

Christina Mayo
Visionary of Change

Question: What is the most important thing a new entrepreneur can do to be successful?


Christina: The most important thing a new entrepreneur can do to be successful is to first setup their business in a way that communicates clearly their products and/or services to the directed clients need. The second portion that can allow success is “relationship.” Without the ability to develop long lasting relationships a company could possible fail. When defining “relationship” it means “networking.”  The third is the ability to understand with failure comes success. Visionary of Change has workshops developing starting in the early summer of 2017 that will discuss these concepts for future entrepreneurs to learn.


Question: What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? 


Christina: The best advice anyone has given me is to soar and overlook the distractions while developing your business because distractions will come.


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