The 2017 MoneyBaltimore Committee interviewed Leroy Mckenzie, Jr.  and asked him a few questions.  Check out his responses and bio below.

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Question: What is the most important thing a new entrepreneur can do to be successful?

Leroy: I believe the most important thing that a new entrepreneur can do to be successful is to NEVER STOP BELIEVING!!! The Entrepreneurship journey is not an easy one. There are going to be what I call the 3 T’s of Entrepreneurship. They are TRIALS, TRIUMPHS, AND TESTIMONIES. Your Trials will test how determined you are to be an entrepreneur. Your Triumphs will give you encouragement to keep going even when you think you can’t go on anymore and your Testimonies will help you to impact others who maybe going through the same or similar experiences. I believe if you understand these three elements of entrepreneurship then you will be successful no matter what!!!


Question: What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? 

Leroy: The best business advice anyone ever gave me was make sure that everyone brings something to the table. Whether it was developing partnerships, gaining customers or doing business with someone, be sure that they bring something to the table and that you bring something to the table. When everyone brings something to the table there is a vested interest on both parties so everyone will do or give their best. I have lived by this creed since I have started my business.


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Leroy C. Mckenzie Jr. is a native Baltimorean and a product of the Baltimore Public and Private school systems. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is a proud member of the New Psalmist Baptist Church where he serves as a part of several Ministries. He is the former Executive Director of the Black Writer’s Guild-PG Chapter, where he served for two years.

He is the President/Owner of JNF(Jesus Never Fails) Enterprises, which is a Distribution, Publishing and Business Consulting Firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Mckenzie has written two books of poetry, which have been featured on Heaven 600’s poetry café, He is the author of the “Building The 21st Century Company Book Series which includes a business finance book, The Customer Is Not Always Right, A Common Sense Guide To Establishing A Strong and Flourishing Business, a book on Entrepreneurship, “Young & Gifted”, The New Generation of Entrepreneurship and “The Art of Leadership”, Success Strategies for the 21st Century. He has spoken to Businesses, Organizations as well as performed his poetry and spoken at churches, and various other venues throughout the Country.

JNF Enterprises, was started in 2004, with the publishing of Mr. Mckenzie’s debut books of Poetry “The Inner Soul” Volumes 1&2, and the launching of their Christian Apparel line Try3Jesus™. Believing in the vision that God placed in him, Leroy set out to put the Distribution and Publishing and Business Consulting Industries on notice that there was about to be a new way of doing business.

Following the purpose “Bringing Visions To Reality”/ Building The 21st Century Company, JNF seeks to Enlighten, Empower, and Invest in the communities that it has become apart of. JNF seeks to provide emerging authors with an independent avenue to mainstream exposure touch individuals with our Christian based products and bring visions to reality through our business consulting services.

By being a Christian based company, JNF will add a spiritual foundation to our business that will add instant credibility, integrity, and a general sense of courtesy to the Business World. In this day and time businesses have missed the mark in providing exceptional products and services, and JNF is poised to bring back the basics of business. To book Mr. Mckenzie for Conferences/Workshops/Seminars or Book Signings contact him at jnfenterprises@yahoo.com.

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