The 2017 MoneyBaltimore Committee interviewed Lamonte Gwynn and asked him a few questions.  Check out his bio and responses below.

Lamonte Gwynn
Lamonte G Photography
(443) 630-5355

As an adolescent, I spent hours drawing, writing and playing the piano. I gleaned inspiration from many artists and tried to replicate their magic and brilliance in my own creations.  I love art, but something was missing. The soloist mentality of writing, drawing and playing the piano just didn’t fulfill me, and my unnurtured talent grew silent…

In my late 30’s, the artist in me began to speak, so I picked up a digital camera and found my true love. With the very first click of my new toy, I was fascinated by the relationships that photography creates between people and the beautiful things in life like love, laughter and tears of joy. Seven years later, I’m still madly in love with the stories that unfold in front of the camera.

Along my journey, I studied lighting techniques, participated in several photography workshops, and uncovered my true calling – headshot and portrait photography. My passion for people is what makes me a great photographer. I wake up every morning delighted to start the day because of the twinkle in my clients’ eyes when I create classic, timeless images that make them look and feel amazing. And what really warms my heart is when I can capture people’s charisma despite their fears of the camera. When you see your photos, and your face lights up with a big smile, I know I’ve done my job.


What is the most important thing a new entrepreneur can do to be successful?

Lamonte: I think helping others succeed is most important thing that new entrepreneurs can do to be successful.  When you have a business that helps others or use networking opportunities to assist in helping others succeed, you build lasting symbiotic relationships that help you flourish in your business.

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? 

Lamote: “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have one and not be prepared.” Although I never had the privilege of meeting American Civil Rights Leader, Whitney Young, Jr., this advice has stuck with me throughout my entrepreneurial experience.  Being prepared has opened many doors and has allowed me to take advantage of a number of great opportunities that otherwise would have passed me by.

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